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Tilt-Up Construction


Tilt-up concrete buildings offer durability and energy efficiency not found in other construction methods. Larger wall panels results in less construction time and lower labor costs giving you more building for your buck.


Tilt-up is a tried and true method of construction dating back over a century.

Concrete is an ideal building medium because of its fluid properties allowing it to be cast into any shape. This means that each and every building is custom and as unique as your imagination. Because concrete is the main component in this type of construction it is considered a “Green” eco-friendly process and structure. The building walls are constructed of concrete panels with ThermoMass sandwich insulation, if desired. A number of roofing options are available including wood truss, pre-engineered steel, steel deck, and precast plank. All buildings are cast on site reducing construction time and cost.

Operating Cost Savings


Exterior finishes are limitless and can be done for a fraction of the price of other building methods. Reveals in any size or shape (ie. logos, addresses, bands, etc.) can be cast into the surface of the wall panel for an embossed effect. Clay brick and masonry block are available to match existing buildings in the area or additions to the existing structure for up to 50% less than the cost of traditional brick or block laying. Mix and match construction methods for attractive and unique aesthetic appeal. Concrete finishes are durable and low maintenance making this type of construction perfect for the harsh northern climate and those who have better things to do.

LEED points with Concrete
  • Energy efficient wall systems
  • Regionally manufactured materials
  • Recycled products
  • Supplementary cementitious materials
  • Life cycle cost

Applications include warehousing, commercial, manufacturing, office buildings, multi-tenant residences, cooler/freezer units, storage units, etc.

For more detail, images, and history, please visit the Tilt-Up Association at: http://www.tilt-up.org/build/

ImgTiltUp7.png Sloulin Field Airport Hangar Gallery

McCody Gallery

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