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Oilfield & Industrial Precast

Concrete needs to stand up to harsh and stressful conditions of the environment and daily operations. Our designs have a proven track record of over 40 years, evident by the continued use and reuse of bases and pads produced decades ago. We utilize a high cement content mix generating high compression strength within hours as well as allowing for superior workability and a tight, level surface finish. Our prestressed precast designed with stretched steel cable creates a direct transfer of tension from the cable to the concrete. This produces a compression stress in the precast to balance the tensile stress experienced with long spans and downward pressure. Reinforced precast products contain a steel mat system, structural fibermesh, or a combination to ensure durability and performance.



Precast Concrete

Oil Field & Industrial

Bases & Pads

Treater Pad


Nose Pad


Standard Foundation


Two-Point Foundation


Transformer Pad


Tank Ring: Flat & Cone








Cattle Guard Sill: Multiple Lengths


Cattle Guard Grate


Cube/Ecology Block


Geronimo Line Block


Pipe Weight


Jersey Barrier/Pole Sill/K-Rail




Bolt Assembly




Motor Tiedown


Tiedown: Standard


Tiedown: Channel



An inventory of common items are kept at our Williston location. Contact Brett for an estimate on custom designs or modification options to our standard items. Trucking available with separate or single product/freight vendor billing option.

Brett Hinricksen